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Your Database As A Service Provides A Quality Customer Experience

A Database as a Service platform gives your company access to enterprise data and external data immediately, so that it can be used most effectively. Immediate associations to customer, product and sales information can make your clients and customers return repeatedly for the context rich information they receive on your site such as ratings, reviews and even purchases. Cloud database hosting can give your company a distinct advantage by allowing you to place your focus on a quality customer experience that shows relevance to their preferences as well.

Your Database As A Service Provides A Quality Customer Experience

Database as a Service Provides Secure Information at the Right Price

Data is doubling in size every two years. There has also been a substantial increase in transactional data. Data-driven business decisions, business analytics and databases are more important than ever. Organizations that have implemented Database as a Service (DBaaS) have seen operating costs cut in half and a tenfold increase in new database deployment speed.

As the needs around data analytics and transactional data processing expand, IT budgets remain constant. Use of public cloud-based databases is growing in popularity. Cloud databases enable enterprises to access streaming information and make immediately meaningful and advantageous to their operation.

Some developments supporting cloud database growth are:

  • Start-up database technology vendors offer single-purpose databases focusing on areas such as analytics and transaction processing.
  • Start-ups generally offer data-as-a-service.
  • Complex database tools are being used by an increasing number of enterprises.

More single-purpose databases are being used in the public cloud. Cultural bias raises its ugly head as enterprises resist the idea of placing data outside their corporate realm due to security and compliance issues they don’t even address themselves. Cloud Database as a service is employed to meet business needs immediately and for lower costs. Solving security problems is easier even when expert knowledge is needed. Enterprises need to understand that DBaaS is designed to meet the models of consumption and technology requisite for contemporary business needs.

Key capabilities of DBaaS include:

  • Multiple databases efficiently share platform resources
  • Standard database services support consistent and timely deployment
  • Self-service provides end-users with the ability to monitor and manage databases with ease
  • Databases are secure and isolated
  • Elasticity facilitates dynamic workloads

Consumers are able to easily deploy new applications for the business. Standard service definitions define exactly what capabilities and services they will receive from Database as a Service providers. Metering information allows customers to fully understand what is going on with utilization and IT costs. This allows them to make well-informed decisions.

Achieve Database Efficiency through Consolidation and Standardization

Database as a Service provides businesses with the opportunity to simplify IT by standardizing, centralizing and automating. In most enterprises there are hundreds or thousands of applications in use. High cost, complexity and disorganization often result.

Consolidating on a shared infrastructure through virtualization can decrease hardware costs. Most database software, middleware and application software can still be used. Virtualization alone will not reduce the complexity responsible for much of the cost. Savings can be realized through standardization and consolidation on a shared database and middleware platform for a maximum number of applications will diminish costs and decrease software development time.

Standardizing and consolidating at the database and middleware platform layer is a good approach. Some applications need testing to run on the new platform. Updates may also be necessary. Sometimes it makes more sense to consolidate at the infrastructure layer.

Consolidating existing applications onto a standardized database and middleware platform takes time but is well worth it. New project implementation will be more rapid and provide greater return on investment.

Database as a Service is Driving the Future of Business

Data is no longer just about the internal workings of a particular business function or a way to analyze information. It defines and supports what products a business develops, offers and serves. Every product and service can be viewed and evaluated through the role of the data that supports it. DBaaS in the Cloud supports continuous productivity in the work place and can provide your enterprise or service with outstanding customer relations and support.


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