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You know how you have a sedentary job and then you get home and sit some more in front of your computer or switch to a TV for a lie-down on the couch? And after a tough day at the office, who could blame you, with a boss breathing down your neck and deadlines piling up. Yet, even though it’s tough to will yourself to it, the best cure when feeling caught in a rat’s maze of everyday life struggle (apart from getting wasted every night – which is most likely NOT going to boost your productivity) is to get some physical exercise.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard it all before, but bare with me, cause I’m going for the interesting ones – the mobile apps that will make you want to move. There’s a number of them out there that help out with the more boring aspects of working out, such as pedometers, or any kind of measuring how much you’ve walked, ran or cycled, however, you will likely get discouraged if you get to a low number on any given day, even if you managed some kilometres on other days. To the rescue – Charity Miles ( – every time you get physical you are actually helping other people. You can earn 10 cents per mile (approximately 6 cents per km) if you are cycling or walking, and a whopping 25 cents per mile (approximately 15 cents per km) if you are running – and the beautiful part is that your earnings go for charities, and there is a current pool of $1 million to be given away. You won’t be running just for yourselves, and for some people there’s no better motivation!

If that doesn’t get you firing on all cylinders, maybe you’d prefer something completely different. Fan of the Walking Dead? Loving all things zombie-related? Want to get immersed and fit at the same time? Then check out Zombies, run! ( If I ever heard an ingenious idea in my life this was it. You get audio missions while the app is tracking your progress and you get that oh-so-needed push by the make-believe situation of being chased by zombies. You can sync online to Zombielink and track your progress, as well as share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. The only downside is that it’s not free, however, it’s well worth the money invested. It sure is something different and it will get your heart pumping!


And here’s something you can use with your friends. Missile Wars ( is an app that allows you to send imaginary missiles at other players, preferably your friends. The missiles have a blast zone and you have to evacuate as soon as possible! It’s a rush and you can play it in groups, which is always a bonus. It’s only available on the App Store, though, which might sadden you if you’re an Android user.

Finally, after all that charity sweat, zombies and projectiles, you might require some rest. God forbid, you or someone nearby might also get hurt while exercising, and that is where First Aid ( comes into picture. Even if you have never taken a first aid class, this app will help you deal with the injuries you might come across. You will have information, illustrations and videos at your fingertips. Be brave about it and help yourself and others!

Whatever your choice and desire, there’s something out there in the world of apps for anyone trying to keep a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing is to begin.

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