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Freshmen Year

This year, just like any previous year, is the time when many school students turn in to college students. It is their opportunity to start brand new. It is their time to shine. As much as this period is full of hopes and new impressions, it is also terrifying. Think of this, what you do during your first year as a college student can impact the rest of your college years. Sometimes, it can impact your entire life. Some things cannot be undone and you need to remember this. While you can fix a bad paper grade by hiring essay writer online, it will be almost impossible to change the first impression of you. Make sure you don’t do too many wrong moves. Here is a common chain of consequences:

You skip too many classes-> it lowers your grades-> you try hard to make up for it, but your GPA will always suffer. You don’t want having getting an academic probation, do you?

This was a worse case-scenario. Anyways, it does not mean that you have to burry yourself with school books to avoid this. It takes only a few steps to become a diligent student.

Get Organized

Get yourself a file box and a set of document envelopes, and set up an organizer for each one class. Begin utilizing an organizer and don’t forget about a to-do list. Unless you’re into laptops or IPads, it is really easy to use some apps for keeping your schedule organized all the time. Besides, you can always set reminders.  Create a note-taking system. Keep each paper write, each syllabus, and each freebee – you never know when you’ll have to test an evaluation, demonstrate you completed a task on time, or review a book title from a past class.

Plan Ahead

Before the end of your first week, you’ll know when very nearly every task for the semester is expected – put those on your schedule and underline important due dates. Now that you have it all in front of your eyes, you can plan entire day ahead. Use your time wisely. Besides, if you think that your productivity rise when the deadline is fast approaching, you are wrong. It is the motivation that you lack. Get motivated by having good grades and enough knowledge to pass your exams.

Eat Healthy

Students regularly put on weight in their first year of college. Without mother and father purchasing some basic supplies and arranging your suppers, and with simple access to pizza, microwave burritos, and cheddar fries, it’s not difficult to forget about exactly what number calories you’re expending. Try to exclude fast food from your every day meals. The healthier you eat, the better you feel and look. Remember, that only good food can bring required amount of energy. So, the conclusion is: you have to eat and sleep well.

Speak up In Class

Participate in classroom discussions.This way you will memorize new material faster and understand it better, not to mention that you will be noticed by your professor. It can give you good credits during your future exams.

Visit Libraries

Modern colleges have great libraries. They are filled with verified sources and rare book editions. It is needless to say that library is the most suitable place where you can do your homework or study in groups. It is quite and free from unwanted distractions.

Call Home Every Week

You don’t want your family to be worried. Hearing your voice is sometimes just enough. For what it worth, you’ll never be homesick a lot as well.

As you can see, these are basic things. But, nevertheless, many students are either lazy or simply forget to do them. Once you make it your habit, it will stay with you for life.



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