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Sometimes we all find it hard to get the motivation to go to the gym or do a home workout. VirtuaGym can help you plan your exercise regime and stay on track


While everyone dreams of obtaining the perfect body by working out, the reality is that most plans fail. The obligatory new year gym membership seems doomed to last three months at most, and the home exercise equipment you spent a small fortune on inevitably sits in the corner of the living room, gathering dust.

VirtuaGym can be an enormous help, though. All you have to do is set up a plan on the website, then install the app, and you’ll essentially have a personal trainer in your pocket. It gives you a gradated fitness plan consisting of strength and fitness building exercises, viewable in a handy calendar. It also includes lots of videos showing you the correct way to exercise, and you don’t even need any equipment or a gym membership to get started.


Perfect fit

VirtuaGym’s sign up process begins on the web, so we’ve used a PC rather than a phone for the initial steps. You don’t need to enter too much information though, so you can easily sign up from your mobile device’s browser. Enter in the address bar and click ‘Join for Free’ to get started.



Or the next page you’ll need to enter your desired username, a valid email address and a password of your choice. Type the confirmation code and click ‘Register’, and an email will be sent to your nominated email address. Click the link within the message to complete the initial registration.


Fitprofile data

You’ll be taken to your Fitprofile settings. Enter your name, gender, date of birth and area of residence. Here you can choose between metric and imperial units, and specify your weight and height. Click ‘Next’ and you’ll be invited to share VirtuaGym on Facebook and Twitter; click ‘Skip this step’ if you don’t want to.


Regime change

You’ll now find yourself in VirtuaGym’s dashboard. Click ‘Exercise’ and then ‘Training Plan’. Here you can see an overview of all available schedules, but we recommend using the wizard to the left to get started. Choose your aspiration, equipment, estimated fitness level and workout days, then click ‘Start Wizard’.


Great plan

VirtuaGym will recommend a range of plans based on the choices you made in step four. Click ‘Start this plan’ to begin, and choose the days of the week when you’re able to exercise. Click ‘OK’ to save this to your account. Mow fire up your Android device, open Google Play and search for ‘VirtuaGym’.


Fighting fit

Download and install VirtuaGym. Open it and choose ‘I have an account’, then enter your email address and password. Now choose ‘Exercise’ and you’ll see an overview of the month with the activities you need to complete. Tap on a day to see the exercises you need to do, then tap on each entry for an instructional video.


Tick the boxes

When you’ve completed each part of the workout, tap the check box to the right of it to tick it off the list. If you complete any additional exercises during your workout, tap ‘Add activity’ at the bottom and search for these. When you’ve finisied tap ‘Done’, and then tap ‘Back’ to return to the homescreen.


Gym’ll fix it

You’re now a full member to VirtuaGym, with your own account on the website and within the app. If you follow VirtuaGym’s exercise programs you should seethe pounds fly off and your muscle mass increase, and don’t forget you can track your workouts by selecting ‘Progress’ from the main screen.


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