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Google has released two new versions of Chrome, version 10 for beta users and version 11 for developers. With the six week update schedule of Google these new releases come as milestones given the fact that the software has the auto- update mechanism that goes unnoticed.


However there are significant features coming up with the new beta. The top spot is occupied by the faster java script “Crankshaft” version. The story of Chrome 10is that there is hardware-accelerated video, which can increase the computing efficiency and save battery life, settings controls that move from a pop-up dialog box to a browser tab and password synchronization among the different installations of chrome.

As for the Chrome 11 Google isn’t talking much. But it looks like they are about to include an interesting feature called “chromting”, which lets a chrome browser remotely take over another machine over a network. Its not unlike LogMeln or other remote desktop applications, but those cannot be installed on a Chrome OS machine, so chromting gives a browser-based mechanism. This would let Chrome OS to run some native software that wouldn’t run on a Chrome OS machine.


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