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Connecting people!! Not in the tradition sense anymore. The apple iphone has been a game changer when it comes to mobiles. It has literally shaken the whole mobile phone market up. A market that was once dominated by the likes of Nokia, is no more. Nokia who!!!!

iPhone – The Media Hub Station

Gone are the days when mobiles were about making calls, the wind of change has ushered in the age of internet and social media. You mobile is no more about making and receiving calls, it about surfing the net, its about social media with the like of twitter and face book dominating.

Furthermore tweets, likes, apps, email are the buzz of the day. And these functions have been highlighted many times over by many tech geeks.

iPhone & Music

But one area that iPhone has also dramatically changed but has not been as much emphasized much is music on the go on the iphone.

Yes, iphone has changed the way we listen to music as well. The larger the storage (8, 16, 32, whopping 64 gig) does that ring bells. That’s the storage limits on iphone ranges, the more media that can be stored on it, media is generally you audio, video and still images, the better.

Generally 99% of the people who listen to music on the iphone will use headphones, earphones or earbuds (earpods as they are now called).

So what are the best value headphones that we can recommend that deliver great music and great value.

We have chosen a list of headphones / earphones below from http://www.shoppingway.co.uk/

Headphones On-Ear Budget Range

Sony ZX300 – Under £30 Great option

Earphone In-ear Budget Range

Sennheiser MM30i Under £50.00

Soundmagic E10 Under £50.00

The second point is that it hits the $200 price mark. Now, reinforcing our previous question, how many competitive 7 inch tablets out there are near to that price mark? We are talking about original retail pricing here, and thus there is only one single tablet that is near that price. The comparison of Nexus 7 to the Kindle Fire would have been an inevitable eventuality.

So, why on steroids then? Android 4.1, Quad-core processor, a dedicated GPU, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, its specifications make it very clear. It’s been only 7 months since the release of Kindle Fire on November 2011, and Google has already come up with something that can outperform it significantly. And don’t forget, all of the upgrades in Nexus 7 are available at almost the exact same retail price.


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