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How To Unlock LG Phones Safely By Using Code?LG handsets are quite popular among the cell phone users and it has a strong customer base all over the world. LG handset manufacturers offer cheap mobile phones to their customers and in exchange they lock the phone with a code so that it won’t work with any other service network apart from a particular network. These types of mobile phones are popular among the people, but the customers don’t get any scope to change their service network as they need to be committed to a particular network as long as they use the phone.

However, with the recent advancement of mobile technology today, it is possible to unlock LG and use a different SIM card in your phone. By unlocking your LG mobile phone you can use your device with a different service provider and enjoy the special tariffs of your preferred network. This is a useful option that enables the user to enjoy freedom while using mobile communication.

These unlock LG codes are widely available on the web. You can search through the web to find out the appropriate code that is made for your handset model. These codes are easy to input on your LG phone, you just need to enter the code just like the way you dial a number and call.

You can Consider using the Following Instructions to Unlock your LG Mobile Phone:

You can ask you current service provider for unlock code of your cell phone. In order to get the unlock LG code, you need to remove the battery of your phone and write down the IMEI code which is displayed on the sticker located inside the battery compartment of your handset.

You can now dial 611 and press the SEND key to reach to the customer service option. You need to tell the customer service agent that you want the unlock code for your cell phone. They will ask you for the unique IMEI code of you phone. They will provide you the code after you provided them the IMEI code.

In some cases, the customer agent doesn’t want to provide the code to the customer. In that case you need to purchase the code online. There are so many such mobile phone unlocking service providers who can help you in this matter for little bucks.

Once you get the mobile unlock code from the professional service provider, you need to enter it in your phone. Depending on the handset you are using, the code entering process may vary. For example: in some LG models, the customers need to enter *2945# or *5301# from their cell phone.

Enter the USSD code will allow you to see the screen where you need to input the SIM unlock code. You can also enter the unlock LG code from your mobile phone settings. You should go to the SETTINGS option from the MENU option. In the SETTINGS you will get a SECURITY option, after that select NETWORK PROVIDER -> DISACTIVATE and then enter the unlock LG code.

Once you enter the unlock code you phone will automatically restart and after that you can use any other provider’s SIM card in you LG phone.

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