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Power save mode is an option which can be easily activated with the operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Activating this mode will ensure that your monitor is off when there is no activity in your PC.

Turning the monitor off doesn’t mean that processes going on in the computer will be stopped or hard drive will stop working. It depends upon the user to fix duration for which he wants his monitor to be at an inactive state, it may be 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour.

As nothing is done during this state of monitor, it is also referred to as ‘Sleep’ mode of the computer.

Power saving option varies slightly in different O.S.

Windows XP:Users can change settings by going to ‘Control Panel’, there you can find ‘Power Options’ which include System Standby, System Hibernate and more. There you can select the option according to your convenience and also the duration can be selected from the drop down menu.


Windows Vista:In case of Vista, the power option would be located either right or left side of task bar. If at all the option is not visible on taskbar, you can find power options in Control Panel. You can then select the duration from the drop down menu.

Windows 7:It is more or less similar to Windows XP and Vista, the only difference is you can customize your power settings which can differ for your different needs.

This is a useful method and should be followed to conserve energy when your PC is idle.

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