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Role Of Information Technology In Our Lives

We have sold our lives and world to technology. And have reached a point from where there is no turning back. Sure, technology has its ways of torturing us, but considering the number of benefits it has, we couldn’t be more ungrateful. Stripping the world of technology would be synonymous to stripping it of one of the greatest blessings. So what we need is to learn the right, productive way of using this incredible invention, instead of ridding ourselves from it.

We all know technology stands by us at times when even humans decide to leave. Internet is always there to pull you out of any sticky spots you might be in. When you lonely and bored, internet spreads its wings to reveal an entire world full of games, videos, books and applications designed solely for your entertainment. When a mother of a newborn has a query regarding the little on, it spills hundreds of thousands of well-chosen words of advice, answers, encouragement and tips. Whatever problem you have, you name it, internet has its solution at the ready.

Role Of Information Technology In Our Lives

Internet provides the option of online shopping, so that when you need something, you don’t have to leave the house, but still get what you want delivered at your doorstep. It makes communication easier and so much faster, connecting even the remotest parts of the world together, easy to reach, turning the world into what we have to know as the “global village”.

It also has a huge role in education. Vast online libraries enable the students to refer to all kinds of books, free of cost, while staying at home. Teachers may use pictures, videos and multimedia presentations for building concepts in young minds. Visuals are, after all, the best way to explain. Apart from that, it also causes the class to be more interesting and hence the student more attentive. Teachers can’t go wrong with having a little fun filled learning session in class. Also, there are many constructive programs available online which help the little ones improve their spellings, their mathematics, their IQ, their language and so much more.

Information technology ensures that companies have all their sensitive and significant information stored in one secure place, making it possible for only a select few people to be able to access it. This makes the data safe from hackers, while online backup of data protects it in case any accidental technical damage comes to your computer device. It is a genius invention that saves time for it has several automated processes. This increases productivity, improves efficiency and minimizes chances of error.

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Role Of Information Technology

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