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If Oriental rug is kept well it can please your eyes for really long time. Here are some professional carpet and rug cleaning tips on how to look after beautiful Persian rug if you want to preserve it’s appearance and extend it’s lifespan.

Taking Care of Valuable Persian Rug

Original Persian, or Oriental rugs are very good investment – they are beautiful and can last forever, if you give them proper maintenance. Read through article bellow to get to know your gorgeous rug’s mortal enemies and to understand how to fight them in order to assure the great condition of your carpet.

Keep Your Rug Out of Direct Sunlight

Taking Care Of Valuable Persian Rug

Original Persian rugs don’t love direct sunlight. Their naturally dyed fibers fade quickly if you place them too close to a window. Of course, sometimes it isn’t possible to keep your carpet away from the light spots but you can always put thick curtain between the Persian rug and the sun rays. There is also another solution – you can cover your window’s glasses with mylar coating. This material stops the harmful UV light which is actually guilty for fading of rug’s colors.

Don’t Let Your Persian Rug Stay Wet Too Long

It is a common myth that all kind of Oriental rugs should never be washed. The truth is that their natural fiber respond great to water treatment. The tricky part is, that after washing your carpet you should find a way to dry it as fast as possible. Most of Persian rugs, or at least original ones, are made of wool fibers. Wool is known as material which retains a lot of water and if your carpet isn’t properly dried it will certainly be ruined. Before you know it mildew and mold can make unrepairable damage to your carpet.

Your Rug Is a Meal

Did you know, that your Persian rug’s natural fibers are main food to certain insects, such as moths and carpet bugs? These two kinds of bugs are widespread almost all over the world. Both moths and carpet beetles eat all kind of organic material. Their larvae literally eat paths through your carpet and sometimes when you see their tracks it is too late to recover your rug. These insects like dark spots where they can breed undisturbed far away from your sight. The best way to deal with this menace is to regularly check that areas of your carpet placed under furniture. Another way to prevent any damage caused by them is to rotate the rug and vacuum it as often as you can. If they already have appeared there are some sprays that you can treat the carpet with. If there are minor damages, you might call professional oriental rug renovators, but you should take in mind that their services aren’t cheap but the price you will pay is worth the results.

Stains Aren’t Your Rug’s Best Friends

The last of your rug’s enemies are stains and spots. Nothing can ruin your Oriental rug’s gorgeous appearance like an ugly stain. With all other kinds of carpets trying to remove the stain on your own is accepted. Unfortunately, this is not recommended with these rugs. The best you can do is to soak the moisture from the spot with clean dry cloth as much as you can. Then call professional rug cleaners – they will remove the stain the best way possible and even will refresh your rug.


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