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The Growth Of Live Chat and Visitors Response

While the trend of online shopping was growing profusely, one of the main disadvantage it had that there was no way for customers to connect to someone who can answer their queries in real time with precision. Thus the live support softwares were introduced in the market, helping the customers to get the convenient answers that they want during their purchase process. The e commerce companies have their entire staff handling the online visitors of the site. The addition of live chat to websites has added significant benefits not just to the consumers, but also to the staff and bottom line of companies.

Therefore let’s learn today about the growth of live chat systems and how much do the average visitors like it.  A recent study that was conducted by Forrester research suggests that 44% of the online consumers believe that having questions answered by a live person in the middle of an online purchase is always better and one of the most essential features that a website can offer.  Whereas the statistics recurred in US and UK  have shown that more than 65% of the Americans are engaged in live chat on e commerce portals, while in UK it is up to 53%. The other estimates suggests that 31% of people from both UK and US are more likely to purchase after a live chat.  People believe that it is the most efficient communication method over other tools like emails or telephone to connect with customer  services.  The same statistics show that 79% of the people believed that their questions were answered quickly through the medium of live chat. Since time is a greatest key factor, the sites offering live chat support are deriving more benefits from their consumers.

The Growth Of Live Chat and Visitors Response

Therefore, live chat in the world of e commerce sites continues to grow. Today there is a sizable group of  online shoppers keen to communicate through the live chat system. Even when social medium is on rise, live chat still remains very important. The prime reason for this is the give and take mechanism inherent in the technology.  Also the proactive chat provides an interesting case study in consumer acceptance of new customer service options. The willingness of audience to embrace the new options has risen than ever before.

The live chat is also growing because somewhere down the line companies have retrieved great benefits from it, and have certainly started believing on this method more than anything else. They know that to survive  and thrive amidst the rising competition, it is necessary to install latest and efficient tools. Having live chat option installed may act as an advantage for someone’s business over their competitors. It can make a vast difference in the volume of two businesses, one who has installed it and the other one who hasn’t. It has emerged as an important route of doing online shopping, hence it is growing significantly.

Overall, yes live chat is growing by leaps and bounds, and becoming widely accepted in the e commerce world and among its consumers!

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