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The varieties of portable computers that are available in the market have completely wiped off the demand and need of a personal computer or a PC. The laptops have shrunk in size and increased in their multitasking capabilities. This makes them a viable option for people who are always on the go, and are not fixed at their desks. The latest hot selling products in the market that have left the PC far behind are the slim notebooks, tablets, etc. All over the world, and across all the brands that manufacture PC, this trend has been observed.

Reasons for the increase of craze over laptops:

According to the market sources, the reasons for this craze of laptop growing over the years are as follows:

  • The launch of the next generation tablets has provided the impetus to the increase in sales of the laptops.
  • The disaster in Japan has also been tipped as being one of the important reasons of slowdown in the PC market.
  • The lack of addition of any new, interesting features in the PC is also a big blow to the sales of the PC.
  • To extend the lifetime of a PC, their manufactures should add more horse power to it so that the customers get reason to buy them.

So, the above mentioned are some of the reasons why there has been a shrinkage in the demand of a PC. Now we shall discuss the advantages of a laptop, which acts as a pull to the customers.

Advantages of owning a laptop:

Apart from the feature that it is a portable devise, and can be carried along wherever you are going, some other mind blowing features of the latest tablets are as described below:

  • Availability of net books: The latest in the range of light weight laptops that are available are the netbooks. These are the smallest in size of all the tablets that are available, and are capable of web browsing and sending mails.
  • Notebooks: Other important devises, which can be used, as an effective tool for education purpose, are the notebooks. They are very light in weight and can easily fit in the school bags. The can be connected to the net by using the school or university’s internet. The weight of these notebooks is even less than a Kg.
  • Gaming laptops: these are laptops, which are specially designed for the serious gamers. Until now, people have been playing games in their PC’s, but the high tech graphics that are required by the gamers, are a serious plus points for these gaming laptops. Along with incredible gaming experience there are incredible sound effects accompanied with the best multimedia features that are available today.
  • Powerful processors: The processors that are available nowadays are so high tech that you can watch a lot of DVD’s in high definition. Some of them even come with 5 speakers and a digital tuner for TV.
  • Laptop support: Another amazing feature that laptop hasis the customer support that it provides to the customers. You can also join their forums to get to know about the latest that is happening in the tech world.

So whatever be the usage of your laptop they are the perfect companion for your business, education, or gaming needs.

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