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Burglar alarm systems have been around for quite some time but some of the advances made in this industry in the last few years are quite staggering. Here are a few of the ways in which things have changed lately.

Not Like the Movies

Don’t you get a bit worried when you see a movie in which the bad guy breaks in really easily despite the property having a security system? A simple cutting of some wires and the home is left completely unprotected. Of course, in a lot of cases this is simply a dramatic device used to further the plot. The film would be a little duller if the director had taken into account the modern advances which have allowed wireless alarm systems to become so popular. With this type of system there are no wires to be cut and the home cannot be entered as simply as the movies might make us fear.

No Noise

We probably all have in our heads the classic image of a burglar alarm catching a criminal in the act. A bell starts clanging and there is maybe even some sort of flashlight which gets set off. In truth, many of the most recent advances in home security have made this image obsolete. Nowadays the system can be set up to advise the authorities and the property owner silently. A swift, automatic phone call or text message will set the wheels in motion for a clean and efficient capture of the burglar.

More Detection

Does a burglar alarm only get set off when someone forces open a door or window? This used to be the case and perhaps you still have the idea that some element of force is needed to set off one of these alarms off. This is no longer the case and it can turn out now that the intruder is detected by a motion detector. Another interesting development is the use of heat detectors to locate the tell tale body heat of someone who shouldn’t be there. This is a good point to mention that there is now no risk of your pets setting off the best type of alarm system.

Other Risks

Finally, one of the most pleasing aspects of modern home security cameras and systems is that they offer a more complete package than ever before. This means that they can detect other risks as well as that of an intruder. It may be that keeping your property safe from thieves is your main concern but you will also feel a lot happier knowing that the likes of gas leaks and floods are being looked for on a constant basis. If anything like this happens then you will be notified in one of the ways we covered previously. This means that your property is always fully protected against a number of potential issues and you always know what the current situation is. This is certainly a far cry from the old days of coming home from a holiday or a business trip and not knowing what to expect.  


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