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Even if you do not have a plan losing your weight in this year, perhaps, you have made some goals to be fit and you may like to accomplish in a new year. For your help, we have given an organized list of the top five free apps of iPhone that are really useful to help you to losing weight and managing your plan well.

Weight Management App

Download this Weight Management App of iPhone that help you accomplish your fitness plan. Here you can make a budget of your everyday calorie, save record of your diet and workout, and also see the graphs of your development with this iPhone’s App of Weight Management. When you have entered your statistics, you can make a custom strategy, with a deadline in your mind, depending on your idea of per week losing weight. As the app is unbelievably easy to use and helps to manage weight loss in a very easy way for you, so you may stick with this app until you achieve your end.

The 40·30·30 iPhone App

If you are using Calorie trackers iPhone app, it’s great, but how can you make sure that you are taking the balance nutrition? The 40·30·30 iPhone App, gives you a really quick method to calculate the percentage of different ingredients in your meal like carbs, fats and protein. To view your ratio, you have to scroll through the options of weight (in grams) for each element of your nutrition.

iMapMyRun App

iMapMyRun uses the GPS technology of iPhone to track speed, pace and time. Even, it can be add with Twitter, if you want to advertise or share your fitness management.

Once you have created your account on, you can save your motorbike rides, runs and walks to a training log, with charts or maps, for your future reference. Other features comprise the facility to sync with the website and voice feedback to train you as you start going. As like all apps you need to allow the app open for the totality of the exercise.

iSpinning App

iSpinning App of iPhone is great for the fanatics of mountain bike and road bike workouts. This utilizes an increasing number of your body radars to track things like the rate of your heart, the time of biking, the calories that are burned, power, cadence, distance and speed. You can customize the app’s dashboard on your iPhone to display just the metrics you care about.

This app is well-matched with various types of sensors for fitness, but you will have to need extra hardware, such as SmHeart Link, if you want to create a wireless connection between your fitness sensor and your iPhone.

Lose It! App

Lose It! is a free and one of the most wide-ranging food apps of iPhone. This app makes a daily budget of calorie automatically that depends on your weight loss plans and your own details. You have to enter all the things you eat and your total workout for the day, and this app will show how many calories you have left over.

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