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10 Best Social Apps For Your iPhone

There are thousands of Apps available out there for your I Phone and deciding which are the most appropriate for your specific purpose can be very time consuming. To make life easier for you, this concise compilation will help you navigate effectively till you find what you are really looking for.

10 Best Social Apps For Your iPhone

  1. Flipboard:
  2. This versatile assists you to keep abreast with multiple services that you may be using like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkeden and others. With its diverse nature, but, well designed magazine type pages, it makes reading much more desirable.

  3. Meebo :
  4. Its main advantage is that it helps you use several chat services like Instant Messenger, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, My Space and many others under one user friendly roof. Besides, it is easy to set up and maintain a Meebo account as it is a free app. importantly; it supports push notifications which keep you updated with the latest chats and replies.

  5. Imo Instant Messenger:
  6. It is quite similar to Meebo, however, it has a few plus points in the form of supporting Skype, which Meebo lacks. It supports MSN, AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, and My Space amongst several others. You can maintain a favorite buddies list and retrievable chat history. The disadvantage here is that the push notifications is that it works for only 72 hours after the last login.

  7. Sesmic :
  8. This app also maintains most social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, Blogger, Linkeden and many others, the advantage here being that you can post replies to all of them through a single interface, besides, it is free.

  9. Facebook App:
  10. This is probably one the best networkings sites and knows their business when they created the iTunes app. This is a lot similar to the original Facebook website and permits you to execute most of the actual functions you desire to do, namely, write posts or comment on others, or approve friend requests and upload pictures.

  11. Tweetdeck :
  12. It is a free account, where you can manage all your Twitter accounts in an easy streamlined mode. It is very useful in sending new tweets or upload photos.

  13. UFace :
  14. This can help your networking image by creating a description of the way you want to be presented. There are more than 300 facial characters from which you can choose to make you look like an Avtaar. You can create many faces by using sketch tools and upload your final pic in your Instagram account. Your image will get good response if you have good number of Instagram followers.

  15. Gowalia :
  16. This works best in big cities, where the I Phone GPS helps you to find what you are looking for in the vicinity, especially if you are new to the city.

  17. OK Cupid:
  18. In case you are looking for companionship, then this app is probably ideally suited for your requirements. You can peruse through member profiles that may interest you.

  19. Skout :
  20. This is one of the largest online dating platforms available. It comprises of a huge data base of more than 5 million users, the most important feature here is that it tells you who can accept an invitation in the vicinity.


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