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With better power management,improved architecture and reliability,Intel previews its next Itanium mainframe chip processor. Taking into account the advancements in Xeon processor architecture, the chip is code named as Poulson. Targeting the Unix and mainframe markets, no timeline has been set for the chipset.

Intel previews Itanium Processor 9000

The Poulson highlights eight cores, 54MB on die memory and bandwidth improvements. Most ideal for the present generation demanding workloads, it features flexible partitioning and dynamic resource management.The Intel Turbo Boost Technology claims extra performance on-demand for peak workloads and parallelism for fast processing.

Compatibility with the previous versions of Itanium chips and the 32 nanometer process technology are impressive specs of the chip. In many respects, the Poulson seem to resemble Xeon. Both are pin compatible and are capable of running all mission critical applications. There has been no details available on the price and release date.


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