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Postcards have come along way in recent times. No longer are they notes of “wish you were here” from cuddly relatives on their annual trip to Lanzarote. These days postcards can be used for vast number of different things. Even better is that if you use online postcard printing you can design them exactly to your specifications with you chosen colours, images, font and paper finish. Thicker than a leaflet and bigger than a business card, they are durable and professional looking and you can squeeze on much more information to the small space. There are many creative ways that you can use postcards, both for business and pleasure.
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Postcards can be used as a great marketing tool for your business. You can give out postcards in busy town centres or at events to promote your business with your contact details. The glossy thicker finish of a postcard makes it look upmarket and professional. Full colour online postcard printing means that you can choose attractive, bright and colourful designs to appeal to potential new customers.


Postcards can still be used in the traditional sense but with a twist. You do not necessarily have to have them sent across the world to reach far away friends and relatives. You could use them as a novel way to communicate with colleagues across the office. You could choose to have something comical printed on them to brighten up someone’s day and build a good working rapport with co-workers.  You can also use them in your private life by using them as an alternative to greetings cards. The great thing about online postcards is that you can build them to your own design specification and include your friends face on it and a personal message.

Art and photography

If you want to get really creative you can create your postcards to incorporate art and photography. You can have you favourite paintings and photographs printed onto postcards and create a mural in your own home or office. You could even create a collage of your chosen artwork to create a really interesting kind of mish mash of art. This will add a touch of culture to any room and can even create an ice breaker as you explain the reasons for choosing specific piece of art for the room. This is a very important tool in business.


Personalise your party invitations by using high quality colour postcards. By shopping for these online, you can personalise your invitations to create postcards unique to you that could include photos of yourself or other appropriate images plus details of the event. Postcards also make a great informal way to tell friends and family to “save the date” for a wedding or other special occasion. Your guests will find it a real novelty receiving a postcard through the post!

There are so many ways to use postcards, and not just to write home about your holiday. They are great for business, for decoration and to keep in contact with friends. With the vast range of colours and images available you can turn postcards into a glossy, high quality art or references of information. Online there are numbers of websites where you can design your very own postcards and build them yourself. It is quick and easy to do and they arrive right on your doorstep within just a couple of days. So go one, get creative and think outside the box. Use postcards if you have something to say.

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David Price runs an arts and crafts business and he enjoys making something new and amazing out of the traditional. He is currently advising businesses as to how to creatively use full colour online postcard printing to promote their services.


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