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I love going camping but I enjoy my home comforts as well. This used to be a problem, as switching from a comfortable home with lots of gadgets to a rather sparse tent never seemed like a particularly smart move.

I often thought about exploring more of the countryside with my tent but in the end I ended up staying at home more often than not. This always seemed like a real shame to me, so I am now delighted to see that there are lots of gadgets to make my holidays in France easier and more pleasant experience.

Cool iPod Speakers

Who doesn’t like to pump up the volume a little when they are in their tent? I take my music with me everywhere but using earphones all the time is a bit of a nuisance. There are a lot of different types of speaker around and I particularly like the look of the ones which turn any surface into part of the sound system.

Smart Phone Apps

What could I use my phone for when I am camping? Well, how about not getting lost, for checking where to settle down for the night, for adding to your camping skills and for playing a few games when it gets dark? Oh, and you can even get a flashlight on your phone if your batteries run out. There are loads of different apps around and many of them are pleasingly free. There are even a few which tell you how to tie knots if you are planning to get involved in that kind of thing while you are away.

Amazing Tent Lights

If you like to get a bit of a party on in your tent then there is a surprisingly big variety of disco style lights designed with you in mind. Personally I go a bit more low key most evenings, with a hot drink and a book keeping me company. However, these lights are smart looking enough to work just as well with Charles Dickens as with Lady Gaga.

A Clever Waterproof Phone Bag

The British weather is probably one of the biggest reasons for not taking too many gadgets away with us. I have been caught in some spectacular downpours which have left my pockets filled with soggy paper and ruined things. Whatever fancy gadgets you take away with you, it is a good idea to protect them with a sealable, waterproof bag.

Internet for Everyone

A MiFi broadband dongle will let you create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect multiple devices at the same time. This is great news if a few of you are travelling and you all want to get online with different devices. I guess this means that I can leave the newspaper at home then, doesn’t it?

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