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Amazon’s Kindle ereader is a popular choice among those who are moving away from paper books. It has topped the sales lists since it was first released and continues to offer gadget fans a reliable and accessible device for reading electronic books.

The Kindle Paperwhite was released last year and has become a firm favourite already. Described by Amazon as “the world’s most advanced ereader” it has a host of features and benefits that have already delighted book lovers around the world.

Here is a closer look at the Kindle Paperwhite and some of the key charms of the gadget.

The first thing many people notice about the Paperwhite is how it seems comparatively thinner than the Kindle Touch. It has a better display and feels secure and well-made to hold. At just under 0.5lbs it is not heavy to hold for long periods.

Why Buy a Kindle Paperwhite

What really makes the Kindle Paperwhite stand out is the screen. Its ability to display text is incredible, making reading ebooks a delight. The E-Ink screen also has a front-lit display with a soft blue light for when the natural light is too low to see the screen. This allows readers to carry on enjoying their books while on the bus at night or when in bed without disturbing their partner. Of course, it is also still easy to read in bright sunlight as with previous Kindle models.

The latest E-Ink technology updates ensure that images and text are crisp and clear and the 1,024×768 pixel resolution is plenty.

Importantly, the Kindle Paperwhite has an Android operating system, allowing for smooth navigation through the menus. This OS is one that many people are already familiar with, so it makes the device incredibly user-friendly right out of the box. The swipe motions and various options are easy to learn and get to grips with.

Another important factor is battery life, and even with improved features the Kindle Paperwhite still offers longevity on a single charge, even when WiFi or 3G are being used.

And a final thing that also makes the Kindle Paperwhite stand out is the Amazon Ecosystem feature. This allows readers to navigate through several books and keep track of their different books.

For anyone who expects to get a lot of use out of an ereader the Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent choice. It has a wide range of features and is easy to use, making it a great value and reliable gadget.


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